Massage doesn't need to be something that is a treat, or a once in a while event. While working in the medical field Steven saw a disconnect between healthcare and actually helping people. It was clear to him that they put PROFITS, before PEOPLE. He did not agree with this in the slightest. After being employed at multiple massage chains, he knew it was time to incorporate all the good things he saw in the industry and toss out all the bad. He believes in making people feel like people, not like a heard of cows. That's when he started Massage Near Me Denver. 


OUR PURPOSE: Everyone deserves to feel their best.

OUR VISION: Create a world where everyone has the freedom to do what they love without stress, pain, or an unbalanced body & mind.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To end pain and stress by focusing on creating healthy lifestyles, and  prioritizing preventative care methods over conventional healthcare. 



-Always exceed expectations

-We dream big

-We win together

-Built with heart and balance in mind

-Heart count, not head count

-Dedication to others

-Continuous improvement


PHONE: 720-909-4531


ADDRESS: 2022 S Oneida Street. #200 Denver, CO 80224

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