5 Benefits to Hot Stone Massage (I doubt you've heard of #4)

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Read below 5 benefits that come along with regular hot stone massage. Here at Massage Near Me Denver, we offer complimentary hot stone massage with any of our memberships.

Here at massage near me Denver, we offer a wide array of services to fit our customers needs. Hot stones provide multiple benefits including: reduced stress & anxiety, increase in blood flow, and reduced muscle tension
Client receiving a hot stone massage, with stones being placed along the spine.

1. Aids better sleep

After getting massages your body can feel more relaxed and loose. This can help to promote better sleep and an easier time actually going to sleep. Even by getting short massages at night (10-15min) it can help people to get to sleep faster, and can even produce better sleep vs. not getting a massage before bed. Massage can leave your muscles feeling relaxed as well as clearing your mind which in turn can aid better sleep. Here are some massage techniques you can try and home before bed.

2. Increased flexibility for your joints

Massage helps to promote relaxed muscles and reduced tension which in turn can help flexibility for your joints. Without regular sports massages, this tension build up can make it painful & difficult to move your joints. Although this is not for everyone, it can produce great benefits.

3. Helps to relieve muscle tension & pain

Getting regular hot stone massages can help to increase blood flow in the treated area. We all know that heat can help to reduce muscle tension and pain, which is what is at play during a hot stone massage. Using hot stones to treat trouble areas can also assist in reducing muscle spasms, all while increasing your range of motion and flexibility. Here at MNM Denver, we focus on adding hot stones to any already restorative massage, to bring you the best of both worlds.

4. May help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases

A 2002 study suggests "Massage therapy has been observed to be helpful in some patients with fibromyalgia. Both groups showed a decrease in anxiety and depressed mood immediately after the first and last therapy sessions. In addition, substance P levels decreased, and the patients’ physicians assigned lower disease and pain ratings and rated fewer tender points in the massage therapy grout. Hot stone massage may relieve painful conditions such as fibromyalgia." (JCR: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology).

5. Can reduce stress & anxiety

Through both hot stones & deep pressure massage, the bodies muscle tension can be greatly reduced & some of the bodies waste products can be flushed. During the soothing & relaxing experience of a massage, stress and anxiety can be reduced as tension is released and the mind can ease into a relaxing state. Here are 10 relaxing techniques you can use to reduce your stress once and for all.

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