The 5 Healing and Healthy Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy used to promote a traditional way of having remedial benefits. However, it has grown popularity in the past decade. People get drawn to it not only because of health purposes but as a way to break free from physical and mental pressures brought by work and other personal issues.

Why is it essential to get a massage?

People get massages for various reasons. In most cases, it is highly essential for health and healing. The benefits of massage therapy are brimming with functional health-related purposes that are tested and proven over time.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy: Health and Healing

Relieves Stress

benefits of massage therapy

Having a regular whole-body massage therapy session can be beneficial when the body is under constant pressure. With our busy schedules and heavy workloads, it’s quite natural to experience stress regularly.

Relaxing massage therapy decreases the production of stress hormones that contribute to different stress triggering factors. An unhealthy level of cortisol, a well-known stress hormone, can cause headaches, insomnia, weight gain, and digestive problems. Massage therapy will not only relieve your stress, but it can also leave long-term effects of boosted energy levels and positive mood enhancement.

Alleviates Pain

Body pain can delay us from doing important things in our daily routine. Different causes such as muscle strain from sports injuries, chronic stiffness, breaking back pain, or headaches are effects of physical and emotional stress. By treating these symptoms through massage therapy, you feel more rested and less exhausted by the end of the day.

Reduce the use of medicinal painkillers with the help of traditional treatment. Soothing massages work fast, and they can be just as effective in alleviating body pain.

Regulates Blood Pressure

As the benefit of massage therapy in decreasing cortisol relieves stress, it can also restrict systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Body massage therapy aid in targetting the primary factors of high blood pressure symptoms like helping you maintain a healthy sleeping pattern and dealing with anxiety. It can further prevent the progression of heart diseases, stroke, and other medical conditions.

Improves Posture

Different cases cause the development of muscle, back, and neck pain. But, more often than not, the reason is having an incorrect body posture. Healing massage therapy can put your body posture back in the correct positioning. You will experience better body flexibility and freedom in the range of motion.

Strengthens Immune System

massage strengthens immune system

One great advantage of massage therapy is the benefit of having a robust immune system. High-stress levels that lead to a lack of proper nutrition and unstable emotional state compel the body to become more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. The relaxing effects of massage therapy eventually strengthen our ability to attack infections and other foreign bodies.

How often should you get a massage?

Having a massage therapy for once or twice a month can benefit your general wellness. However, if you’re looking to treat chronic conditions, you’re going to need more frequent sessions starting with twice per week. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations.

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