The Most Relaxing Massage Techniques: Full Body Treatment

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Hard days can be mentally and physically stressful. The ultimate relaxation remedy is to experience excellent massage techniques for a full-body treatment. The effects are beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Go on and indulge yourself with your favorite massage therapy method. Though, if you’re looking to pamper someone dear to you, you can also recommend a place where they perform exceptional massage therapy sessions. Or you can learn, too. Here are the basic massage techniques.

Full Body Massage Techniques

People often ask, “What is the best way to give a full body massage?” There are different types of full body massage therapies, and each of them has unique methods. However, no matter what kind of treatment is preferred, there are special general techniques that can be applied to achieve full-body relaxation. The secret is knowing the exact points on where to put the right amount of pressure.

The person should be lying face down at the beginning of the massage session.

First: Head and Neck

Initiate the relaxing feeling by easing off on the head and onto the neck. Gentle massages on the scalp will spread a sensation on the whole body that helps calm the nerves.

Using both hands, work your fingertips in a circular motion from the top of the skull. And then, slowly move down to the nape. Repeat the process 2-4 times in soft gestures.

Second: Shoulders and Back

If you try to deduce a person’s body movement throughout the day, you will find that the shoulders contribute a lot of effort during your daily activities. No wonder that the strain crawls right to the back as well. Massaging the shoulders and back can remove tension and fatigue.

Focus on both sides of the shoulder. Start on the upper trapezius, just at the bottom of the nape. Squeeze lightly and move your hand from the inner to the outer shoulder. Apply pressure as you massage this portion repeatedly. You can also gradually increase the pressure as you move along.

Now, focus on only one side of the shoulder. Move a little lower, just in the middle part of the trapezius, or the shoulder blade. With the head turned to one side, massage the part of the shoulder on the opposite side. Apply gentle pressure using your palm in an outward-inward motion.

From the upper back, massage down to the lower back. Maintain the outward-inward motion until you reach the bottom and repeat a few times. You can also use your thumb to put pressure on the sides of the spine. But, be careful not to massage the spine itself. Always keep the pressure away from the spinal cord.

Third: Arms and Hands

The arms and hands also carry heavy lifting every day. They, too, deserve proper kneading.

You can use your fingers to massage the arms, starting from the outer shoulder down to the hands. Continue applying smooth strokes on the muscles, and not on the bones. Trace the muscles repeatedly with gentle pressure.

When you reach the hand, open the palm and press it with your own palm 2-4 times. Avoid putting too much weight when pushing down. After that, use your fingers to massage the palm, the back of the hand, and then the fingers. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

Fourth: Legs and Feet

Just like the rest of the body parts, the legs and feet work just as hard.

Focus on one leg and foot at a time. Your palms can be used to apply gentle pressure in slow strokes from the thigh, the calves, and down to the ankle. For more pressure, you can also use your thumbs to press down on the muscles. Again, stay away from the bones.

Utilize all of your fingers to massage around the lower leg and the ankle area. When you get to the feet, use your thumb to massage the sole, and your other four fingers to trace invisible lines on the other side. And for the last part, gently massage the toes before pulling them individually.

Fifth: The Turn-Over

For the turn-over, you only need to focus on three parts: the hands and arms, legs and feet, and the face.

Repeat the same techniques on the hands, arms, legs, and feet. For the face, you only need to do light tapping on the forehead, move to the cheeks, and then the chin.


To finish the session, you can lightly massage the forehead and the temples using your fingers. This technique will leave the person feeling completely loose and tranquil. Give a few moments just to let the feeling sink in.

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